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"The seminar was FANTASTIC… Chock-full of valuable information! It was not only helpful for those who are working on startups, but also for those who are moving or expanding their practices, like myself. In just one week, we've put together a system of checks and balances with insurance verification, personal notes, what we're doing for the patient, what we can do for the patient to maximize their insurance, and even post-op calls that are making the practice run more efficiently."

Intense Dental Business Training

Grow your practice

Our seminars are intended for highly motivated dentists who are ready to invest in themselves and their practices to take their business to new levels of success and growth.

Not all dentists seek to truly maximize their financial and practice success.

Most practices suffer from:

  • Mediocre GROWTH RATE

If you are NOT satisfied with mediocrity and want to raise yourself above the average dental office, then our intense, real world business training seminars should be the fuel for your breakaway practice success.

Across the country, Breakaway Practice Seminar attendees are implementing our business training and showing double-digit growth. They are getting 150+ new patients per month, producing $1M+ in the first year from scratch, and they run some of the most successful and lucrative dental practices in their areas.

Our seminars are not storytelling sessions, they are not philosophical discussions, and they are not for everyone. However, if you are ready to break away from the pack, our seminars might be for you. Register today!

Our seminars are for dental practitioners only. Consultants may not register.





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